Attract new customers with innovative ideas

Obtain relevant media data for your client’s audiences and anticipate crossmedia actions.

  • Monitoring of media sources ON and OFF
  • AI-Assisted Dashboards and Reporting
  • Automate processes and enhance your performance

Do you want to show your clients that your agency is one step ahead?

Access Online and Offline media data in one place, monitor industries and perform crossmedia actions to capture relevant audiences of your clients.

Monitoring of media sources ON and OFF

Know which are the most relevant keywords of the advertising spots or which topics are the most treated in the different media according to your clients' industry, to be one step ahead and bring them innovative campaigns.


AI-Assisted Dashboards and Reporting

Don't waste any more time putting together complex reports to present to your clients, with Seenka you will be able to obtain them in simple steps.
You can also get easy and visual dashboards that will help you optimize time and discover new insights.

Automate processes and enhance your performance

Create automatic alerts to find out before anyone else what your client's competition is doing and so you can bring them the best proposal for their campaign.
Pre-set actions for the campaigns, according to the chosen parameters or share the results of a material by Whatsapp in a single click.