Connect your media data in one place

  • Track relevant information for your brand.
  • Analyze your competition.
  • Create automatic actions based on real-time triggers.

Crossmedia sources, all in one place

Capture on the same platform, offline and online mentions of your brands, competitors or topics, linked to your audiences.

Crossmedia automations

Has your competition launched a new campaign and you want to take action immediately?
With Seenka you can, for example, receive a warning in real time, increase your Ads budget or activate a campaign, automatically.

Easily analyze and spot opportunities

Save time and resources with dynamic AI-assisted rankings, dashboards, and reports.
Get insights for your decisions.

How Seenka works?

Create a workspace

Connect your data

Analyze real-time data

Activate Workflows


Real time data

Media´s audit

Insights Dashboards

Rankings of Spots

Dinamic reports with IA

Email warning


TV Sync

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