Opportunities Analysis

Save time and resources with dynamic AI-assisted rankings, dashboards, and reports.

Rankings of most watched or listened to spots

Do you want to know which TV spots attract the most audience?
With Seenka you can see rankings according to the time periods you choose, of the entities that are relevant to your company.
You'll see how often the ad ran, the average impact, the amount of airtime, and the approximate valuation for each asset.


Dashboards with relevant insights

View the results of your searches in online and offline media in a very simple way and in one place.
You can see the materials and audios that give you new ideas, to be able to propose strategies with your marketing teams.

AI-Assisted Dynamic Reports

Tired of making endless and outdated Excels?
With Seenka you can obtain reports in just a few clicks, thus saving work time of your resources assigned to tasks.

Analyze the opportunities in your industry for your marketing activities